Union Coffee Beans Espresso Bar Elite 1 kg

New Union Coffee Beans Espresso Bar Elite 1 kg
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Union Coffee Beans Espresso Bar Elite 


1 kg


Elite is our benchmark espresso and the product of our labour of love. This medium roast blend of carefully selected origins from South America and India, results in a balanced acidity, syrupy body and a luscious burnt orange crema. 70% cocoa, citrus zest, pipe tobacco and leather aroma finish.


Union Coffee has been around for close to 100 years. There specialty is creating delicious coffee beans and roasting that unique and customized blend for customers. The beans are brought in from many countries and each is roasted to perfection depending on their roasting profile in order to reach their most delicious taste when ground and brewed. This is a process that is unique to each bean ensuring the upmost quality and taste in the cup of coffee it yeilds. These beans create a cup of coffee that is rich, flavorful and reflects the delicious taste the bean is meant to give. Montrealwas the starting point but this company has successfully reached miles and miles. Union Coffee always strives to have the best equipment and unique beans from all over the globe to create blends for the next wave of coffee drinkers, for the next 100 years. 

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