18 Things To Do This Fall

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18 Things To Do This Fall




We love fall! The leaves change color, Halloween is around the corner and the environment is just so pretty! We want our customers to have an amazing fall full of fun! Here are our ideas of what to do this fall.



  1. Watch your favorite fall themed shows and movies




  1. Plan your Halloween costume





  1. Go apple-picking





  1. Go for a walk and admire the colorful leaves





  1. Go shopping! Put your fall wardrobe together






  1. Have a feast with your family



  1. Change up your makeup with fall colors





  1. Relive your childhood: jump in the leaves!





  1. Decorate for fall. Add fall or Halloween decorations to your home.



  1. Take your last bike rides. Winter is coming after all!



  1. Be inspired by the change of season and create a piece of art



  1. Create a fall outfit diary or look book and share it with your friends



  1. Wear darker nail polish colors



  1. Start something new! Do something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet.



  1. Go for a jog in your local park and enjoy the new season!



  1. DIY fall decorations!




  1. Collect leaves and put them in a scrapbook



  1. Make a collage with leaves and sticks




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