5 Pieces Every Fashionista Has

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5 Pieces Every Fashionista Has



Every fashionista has a love for fashion and beauty! With this love we fashionistas share comes lots of essentials that no matter our style, we all have in common! Fashion is so fun and a way to express who we are. Beauty At Its Finest is happy to share what the 5 pieces every fashionista has are. We hope you can relate and enjoy! 




1. A White T-Shirt

White T-shirts are the ultimate essential in any girls closet! They go with absolutely everything. They can be dressed up or down and can be the base for any outfit. We recommend having more than one of these in your fave style ;) White tees are also perfect for those days where you just don't know to wear! Trust us, we've been there ;) 



2. A Fun Coat

Coats are the entrance to your outfit! They enhance it and make it noticeable from a mile away. If you live in a cold country, your coat could be the only thing others see of your outfit so having a fun coat is definetely an essential! From thin coats for mild weather to thick ones for freezing weather, fashionistas are going to have a fun one for sure! The possibilites are endless from patterns, to denim to tweed to wool etc...



3. A Cute Purse

Every fashionista has the cutest accessory for their outfit: a purse! Purses are our fave accessory! They are so fun and can really make or break an outfit. A cute purse your obsessed with is definitely an essential every fashionista has. Purses make us feel more confident and put together! Click the photo for our purse collection! 




4. The Perfect Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are the base of endless outfits. Having a good pair that fits well is not only important but needed! Perfect skinny jeans that hug you in all the right places can make an outfit a 10/10. They make you feel amazing and lots of fashionistas compare their fave jeans to sweatpants ;) Definitely an essential for all fashion lovers. 



5. The OMG Shoes

Last but not least, every fashionista has a beloved pair of shoes! These shoes are stunning, speak their style clearly and are the total wow factor in the shoe closet. Every fashionista has the perfect pair of shoes that make them feel amazing, beautiful, confident and like they can take on the world! 




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