Nature In The Fashion World

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Nature In The Fashion World 






"Learn character from trees, values from roots and change from leaves" -Tasneem Hameed

"Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time" -Katrina Mayer 






Fashion is more than looks. It is well-being, health, happiness, gratefulness, openness and character. Implementing nature into the fashion world is a great way to create balance in life. Balance with nature and what's human-made is important for a balanced life. 






Nature teaches us core life values. It is so simple yet teaches so much. We were given a great natural world and including it into fashion is a beautiful thing. Nature holds many answers that can help us with our day-to-day life. 




Portraying nature in fashion is a way to express the importance of nature on our lives. It is not only beautiful pleasing but expresses our gratitude for it. It is a way to wear life values and express them. Fashion can show much more than we say.





Including plants from the natural into shopping centers is a beautful way to include nature into a human-made reality. Seeing nature as we shop reminds us of what is truely important in life. We all like to look and feel our best, but most of how we feel comes from within not from the clothes we wear. Our clothes and accessories can make us feel better in the moment but not forever. For forever change, we need to change from within. The natural world holds many teachings if we observe it. 









Wearing pieces with nature implemented in it expresses our happiness with style and our happiness with life. Every problem can be solved if we look to nature for the answers. 



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